Crisp Ruthie Tapestry Loom

Ruthie Tapestry Loom. 45″ wide weaving width. Comes with an 8 dent reed that’s 40 inches wide. This loom was made by Crisp Woodworking and hasn’t been made since the 1980s. The Fireside Traditional tapestry loom is based upon the design of the Ruthie, and support/parts are still available from Fireside. This loom is approximately 6 feet high by 6 feet wide and four feet deep in use, maybe 36″ deep when idle. It’s a big honker. Maple. The counterweight for the beater has been replaced (original one warped, will be delivered with the loom). Heddles replaced with Texsolv heddles several years ago. Currently warped and ready to try out. Delivery, setup, instruction and/or warping help can be arranged as needed. $800